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Nativea is an internationally operating agency for speakers and vocalists with more than 1000 native speakers, over 40 languages and more than 5000 area demos, production studio with an individual and complete customer service. We have specialized in the following main areas:

Individual speaker recommendation for you as our client, castings for speakers, video production,text translation, complete project management and full service concerning the processing and production of voice recordings with our native speakers. Our customers are from all areas where there is a demand for audio-visual media and a reliable realization of projects.




Nativea offers a competent consultation for all your speaker projects and casts or looks for the suitable native speaker.



Nativea produces your desired video or film-explanatory and offers in more than 30 languages the required translation service.



You obtain the complete processing and project management from one source.



Nativea offers their customers a complete full-service package & a 24/7 support service.

Breaking News

Here, you are able to inform yourself about our latest speaker projects proceeded by “Nativea” nice voices, updated regularly.

Project News 1

We conducted an individual speaker casting and the appropriate consulting for our customer in...


Project News 2

A speech production for a game called “Ententanz” was produced for the worldwide known game- and...


Project News 3

We conducted the complete transaction and casting of the speaker children for a customer from...


Project News 4

Nativea “nice voices” conducted a speaker casting for the considerable and worldwide known customer...


Project News 5

For an e-learning project two male German native speakers and one female German native speaker were...


Project News 6

The worldwide considerable manufacturer of connection technology, automation, interface systems and...


Why our service?

Full service – One source

Nativea not only offers voice talents, but also the complete project management and a corresponding advice. We do not only talk about full service, we live this principle for all of our international clients.

More than ten years of experience

Nativea is a brand by “take a nice voice” advertising productions and has over ten years of experience and competence in this field, being able to widely handle individual projects with native speakers in the field of speech production.

International references

Nativea has made a name for itself in the market of speech production, which is verified by our international customer references and customer's opinions.

Native speaker of all ages

Nativea not only offers male and female native speakers, but also owns a pool of international speakers and native speaking children in more than 15 languages.




Managing Director

Miriam Molitor

Nativea „nice voices“ is a full-service speaker's agency for language-related productions, speaker casting, film and video productions, project management and translation services.

Our objective is to advise our customers with a main focus on the mentioned fields of service and to offer our services accordingly. We hereby focus on the fields of film, broadcast, internet, tv and e-learning productions. And of course wherever native speakers for audio-visual media are in demand!


As we exclusively resort to professional native speakers, our communication channels are efficient, leading to a high pace of work and short delivery periods. The basic idea of Nativea is to offer you the complete service package from one source. This way you profit from the interaction of the entire supply chain and have more time for your marketing and relieve your project management with your service partner „Nativea“ nice voices.